Accreditation by Carlos III Institute of Health

The Ministry of Health, through the Carlos III Institute of Health and under the remit of Royal Decree 339/2004 of 27th February which covers the accreditation of health research institutes, has formulated a guide for accrediting institutes of research into health. The objective of this Royal Decree is to establish an integral management system which encompasses all research activity carried out in health research institutes and foundations with links to hospitals.

All relevant information can be found on the following website:
Accreditation Phases

The objectives of this accreditation are, among others, the following:
Creation of a critical mass of institutes and/or foundations
Promotion of synergy between centres
Efficient and distinguished research management
Professionalisation of scientific management and senior management
Taking steps towards goals, and evaluation by results
Raising the scientific standard of publications
Training researchers
Fostering innovation: patents, licences, “spin-offs” etc.

ARVOR is currently collaborating with different organisations in the hospital sector, and through its consulting work is bringing about the installation of the above mentioned management system. The scope of this works extends to the maintenance of this system, and includes periodic associated internal audits.